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Cool Sites and Ideas:

Call 800 number and record students to mp3 to use in class

Writing and Speaking Activities

Build a creature then use tenses to describe it

Comic Books in Education #1

Comics in Education #2

A.P. Central - College Board

A.P. How to write different types of essays

Sites for teachers

Most awesome site in the world - Tony Brewer

Teach-nology (a little elementary, but has some good graphic organizers and bingo cards)

Enchanted Learning - lots of ideas

The Teacher's Guide

State educational standards coupled to lesson plans and resources

Hele Teague - Our Overnight Planning System (Oops)

Bloom's Wheel

Blue Web'n

Education World

Webquests and More

Link to Web Quests - Multi subject - not just FL

Using Scavenger Hunts

Classroom Connect - Awesome site - includes handouts from Conferences (sign-up for free)

Linking Curriculum to Standards

LessonPlansPage (over 2,000 free lessons) - I haven't really looked at this one

Ask Eric

Survey Anywhere - gives you results of an on-line survey you develop (tallys 'em up for you too)

Teacher's Guide to PowerPoint Presentations

Continental Book Co. (Games to buy) - but you might be able to make your own version

Santa Barbara County Education Office

Really cool VR of the Pramids in Egypt

What to expect your first year of teaching

You can Handle them all - Discipline Help

Global School House

Classroom Connect Conference Handouts 2000

Proteacher-Lesson Plans

Scavenger Hunts - Here is a site with a template where you can create your own scavenger hunt

Library Map Collection Perry-Castañeda


* 8 1/2" X 11" tearout notebook - at least 100 pages
* 4 colors every page
* see for table of contents
* straight lines on pages
* Study from your notebook at least 10-15 minutes a night

AVID page

AVID Forms

Cornel Notes-for Spanish Classes

Keeping Interactive Notebooks-Why they are a good idea.

Interactive Notebook Handouts

Mini Booklet making instructions for Interactive Notebooks

Sites for Foreign Language Teachers

Web-based grammar worksheets on various Spanish grammar topics, including ser vs. estar

Spanish Verb Conjugator

Spanish Teacher resources

Spanish Word of the Month - you need to sign up, but it's free

Latin American Network Information Center

Spanish Grammar Guide - by - Online Resource Center for Spanish Language, Culture and People

FL Teach

Download Todd Duggan's Powerpoints for Spanish class

Spanish and German Powerpoints

PowerPoints from - Español at North Park

A.P. Spanish Directed Response Practice

The BEST site to practice languages

La Real Academia Española

Additional resources

Foreign Language Teaching Resources

Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes from CLTA Conference

Excellent activities by Joanne - interactive and fun

50 Webquests for Spanish

The Subjunctive in Adverbial Clauses

The International Society for Technology in Education (didn't look too closely at it)

Interesting Sites for You to Enjoy

Famous Latinos/Hispanics

Famous Filipinos

Famous Bilingual Page

On-line Picasso Project

Cinco de Mayo explanation

CNN in Spanish

Musical Spanish

Spanish Word of the Month - you need to sign up, but it's free

Watch the news from Venezuela

Bolivia - Correo del Sur

Chile - El Mercurio

Colombia - El Tiempo

Cuba - Granma Internacional

Mexico - La Jornada

Puerto Rico - Endi

Portugal - Jornal de Noticias - Oporto

Spain - El Periódico de Catalunya Barcelona

Spain - El País

Venezuela - El Nacional

Tons of international newspapers

Portuguese Newspapers Online

Bolivia - Correo del Sur

Brazil - Jornal do Brasil Rio de Janeiro (en portugés)

Portugal - Publico.PT

Sites for Virtual Reality Trips

Trips around the world

Mayan Ruins

Virtual field trip to Peru

Spain - La Sagrada Familia Church

Cuzco Peru

Virtual trip of Argentina

Salt Cathedral in Colombia

South America Travel Guide

Museo Virtual en Uruguay (picture above)

Virtual trip of Argentina

Salt Cathedral in Colombia

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

Museo - El Prado - in Spain

Museo Virtual - El País - en Uruguay

Sites for Non-Spanish Related Virtual Reality Trips

Virtual Reality Tours - Pyramids in Egypt QTVR

Virtual Reality - Simulations - Pangea