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La clase de profesora Soares
Information from the Classroom Connect Conference in LBC (November 2001)

Here are some of the sites, session and people that I enjoyed and found useful. I did not find any of these links - the people who have found them are listed here. This is just a list of information I found very valuable.

To get all the handouts from conference, become a member (for free) and download the pdf files

Tony Brewer - My hero

Tony's site for searches - categorizes results in a useful way for teachers

Education World

Tony Brewer (More)

State Standards

Lesson Plans coupled with State Standards

Helen Teague, MEd

Our Overnight Planning System Workshops:

Students/ Early Finishers: (Alternatives to Solitaire)
Newsletter Links - I'm Done, Now What?, Access Games
Geography Games, Math Fun, Personal Mission Statement
Our WebQuest for Search Activities, Virtual Field Trips
WebPage Wizard and Whasssup with Webpages?

Classroom Connect: Activity Calendar Message Board, SchoolNotes, Eboards, TeacherWeb, edHelper, Nicenet, Quizmaker, Quia, Puzzlemaker, Trackstar, SchrockGuide, BlueWeb'n Lesson Plans, Amazing Picture Machine and Classroom Clipart

"Fun-Shop" Sessions:
Integrating the Internet, Internet Intervals, Online Projects Bookmarks, Critical Thinking & The Net, Critical Thinking Bookmarks, PortfolioPowerPoint, Portfolio Bookmarks and DOT-Tots

Teachers: Add 'Net' Worth Here !:
Bloom's Taxonomy, Elementary Teachers, Business/Computer Applications, English/Language Arts/Research, Fine Arts Resources, Gifted Instruction Resources, GeographyResources
(Integrating) Geography Activities, History Resources, History and the Net, Interdisciplinary Lesson Plans, Internet PowerPoint, Learning Centers, Math Resources, Meaningful Modifications, Middle School Resources , Multiple Intelligence Links & Info. Powerpoint, Portfolios for Students/Teachers, Science Resources, Search Strategies, Special Learning Resources, Themes, Virtual Field Trips and Warnings/Responses for Students w/Anger
WebPage Construction Resources

Charles Hill, Wappingers Schools (surveys/polls)

Charles Hill, Wappingers Schools

Form Site - Less Ads

A survey I made that surveyanywhere

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